Why “Esse”

Fragrances are considered a trade secret, so companies don’t disclose what their scents are made of —diethyl phthalate (DEP) was found in tested fragrance products which are a source of allergic & skin reactions. It also contain synthetic musk’s, which potentially mess with endocrine function and phthalates and plasticizers (a class of chemicals that enhance the flexibility and longevity of products) that have been linked to hormone problems and issues with reproduction, infant development, and fertility.
We at ‘Esse” create 100%organic aromatherapy remedies that promote wellness for body, mind and spirit. Our natural products are made from the finest natural ingredients from around the Globe including pure therapeutic grade essential oils, which are aromatic plant extracts and crystal infusions. Our aroma products don’t just smell good but also benefit naturally.
• They’re pretty.
• They’re practical.
• They smell FABULOUS! (Synthetic fragrances just can’t touch natural scents. We promise – once you get hooked on to our Natural Products, you’ll never go back to fake stuff again!)
• They’re made with healthy, natural ingredients – you know, because you chose them!
• They have healing powers. (It’s true – essential oils relieve pain, stress, acne, they kill germs…)